wePush Systems
Supporting green products together

In the wePush market of the smart green economy, digital technology enables human communication and collective action to create, sell or maintain sustainable technologies and products.

The three major submarkets of the wePush market:

Market Characteristics beta

This section describes the potential commercial and environmental benefits of these digital systems.

Investment Case
  • quicker and cheaper to build
  • fast and cheap to scale globally
  • easier to monetise and defend due to strong network effects
  • large first mover advantage
  • create own markets and platform ecosystems
  • make cleantech more marketable
  • key position within cleantech markets
Revenue Models
  • donations
  • transaction fees
  • white label
  • market data resale
  • green product sales
  • green product sales and deals made
Value Propositions
  • find opportunities
  • connect supply and demand to make deals
  • market transparency and efficiency
  • support collaboration
  • communications data for strategy and troubleshooting
  • turn physical technologies into marketable solutions
  • market creation
  • customers
  • participants and employers
  • enabling communication
Sustainability Benefits
  • support products that displace high-impact products
  • support products that mitigate the impacts of other products
  • support products that generate resources with low-impact
  • support products that use resources efficiently

Market and Finance Systems

Digital tech brokering deals to develop green markets

These digital systems broker deals, connecting supply and demand to develop the market for green products and cleantech.

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Green product: large-scale renewable energy installations
Scale: £14 million crowdfunding raised
Location: London, UK
Abundance Investment is a regulated online platform that lets people lend money to renewable energy projects from as little as £5 per person via a web-based platform. Funded projects include a 500 kW turbine in Gloucestershire, a residential solar project in the South Downs, biomass boilers on the Welsh border and free solar power for various schools across the UK.

Bettervest Crowdfunding platform for energy projects
Open Utility Peer-to-peer renewable energy prosumer marketplace
Buy Green Online marketplace for cleaner greener products
Loco2 Train ticket sales platform (as alternative to flying)
Open Food Network Buying from local food producers

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Production Coordination Systems

Digital tech organizing different actors to develop, produce and maintain green products

These systems use digital technology to coordinate people developing, producing and deploying green products and cleantech.

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Skipso Cleantech open innovation communities 
Building Data Exchange Exchanging data on building efficiency

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Usage Coordination Systems

Digital tech coordinating different actors to use green products

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Green product: electric vehicles
Scale: startup
Location: Berlin, Germany
The PlugSurfing app and Charging Key enables users to get access to the electric vehicle charging stations of all major operators in Europe.


Santander Cycles is a public bicycle hire scheme in London, United Kingdom. Recent customer research showed that 49 per cent of Cycle Hire members say that the scheme has prompted them to start cycling in London.

Enbala Real-time optimization of distributed energy

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