iPush Systems
Helping me to support green products

In the iPush market of the smart green economy digital technology interacts with individuals and organisations, supporting, informing and influencing them to create, sell, use and maintain sustainable technologies and products.

The three major submarkets of the iPush market:

Market Characteristics beta

This section describes the potential commercial and environmental benefits of these digital systems.

Investment Case
  • quicker and cheaper to build
  • harder to monetise and defend
  • fast and cheap to scale globally
  • make cleantech more marketable
  • less first mover advantage
Revenue Models
  • personal data resale
  • advertising / affiliate
  • subscription
  • donations
  • sponsorship
  • green product sales
  • green product sales
Value Propositions
  • personal data for strategy and troubleshooting
  • realtime guidance
  • turn physical technologies into marketable solutions
  • reduced errors and maintenance costs
Sustainability Benefits
  • support products that displace high-impact products
  • support products that mitigate the impacts of other products
  • support products that generate resources with low-impact
  • support products that use resources efficiently

Marketing and Choosing Systems

Digital tech persuading and supporting consumers to adopt green products

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Sungevity is a solar electricity company based in California, founded in 2007, Sungevity uses its web-based Remote Solar Design (RSD) tool to offer a quote and system design options to home-owners without visiting the house. The company designs home solar systems; provides financing options; and manages system installation, maintenance, and performance. In December 2015 Sungevity announced $600 million in private equity funding.

GoodGuide Sustainability ratings of consumer goods products
Carbon Disclosure Project Centralising corporate pollution data

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Usage Guidance Systems

Digital tech guiding green product users, often by monitoring performance

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Citymapper is a transport app that makes complex cities easy to use. A to B journey planner with ETA including all modes (tube/subway, bus, rail, ferry, bike/car sharing, Uber). Real-time departures. Transport maps. Line status and real-time disruption alerts. Uber integration. Live cycle hire info.

Whiffle Renewables weather forecasting

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Design Tool Systems

Digital tech providing platforms and guidance to design green products

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Sefaira is a software company specializing in cloud-based computing solutions for high-performance building design. The company was founded in 2009. The company’s primary product is Sefaira, a web-based performance analysis platform specifically built for conceptual design. Sefaira is targeted towards architects, engineers, consultants and building designers. It performs whole-building physics-based analysis of water, carbon and renewable energy potential allowing designers and architects to explore design options.

Easy RSS Design software for renewables and microgeneration installations
Eternal Sun Testing and simulation software for solar panel development
SustAnalyze Sustainable chemistry analytics
Eternal Sun Solar panel testing and simulation

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