autoSave Systems
Saving resources for us

In the autoSave market, digital hardware and software automatically save resources and reduce environmental impact, with little human effort.

The two major submarkets of the autoSave market:

Market Characteristics beta

This section describes the potential commercial and environmental benefits of these digital systems.

Investment Case
  • save valuable resources
  • longer more costly product development
  • defend advantage with patents and technological lead
  • physical devices slower to scale but readily monetizable
Revenue Models
  • up-front sales
  • profit / savings sharing with industrial customers
  • subscription (flat / tiered / freemium)
  • pay-as-you-go
  • industrial data resale
Value Propositions
  • convenience
  • speed
  • precision
  • automatically troubleshoot problems
  • do things and go places humans cannot
  • 24/7 availability
  • cheaper
Sustainability Benefits
  • reduce resource use
  • mitigate environmental risk

Automatic Optimization Systems

Digital tech autonomously controlling the application of resources to be efficient

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Google Nest uses automated optimisation based on sensor data to more efficiently heat the home with less cognitive effort for the customer, creating a personalised schedule without the need to programme the device. It also provides greater control of heating to the user with a smartphone app. This increase of heating efficiency is the sustainability benefit, as a large proportion of all energy use is expended heating and cooling buildings. Nest Labs was founded in 2010, and bought by Google in 2014 for US$3.2 billion.

MSS Optical sorting of waste for recycling
Tado Home thermostat monitoring phone locations
Telensa Smart street lighting
Z-Wave Wireless communications for home automation
OpenTRV Radiator-level intelligent home heating
ZenRobotics Robotic waste speration using AI
Hamwells e-Shower that filters, purifies and reuses a water drop 7 times

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Efficiency Maintenance Automation Systems

Digital tech autonomously maintaining other products to be resource efficient

Efficiency maintenance automation 2ab14d86c3d996657402774765812e527d02926b2fe970dd30e645390ab97b21

Fleet Cleaner Ship hull cleaning and Inspection equipment

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