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The Smart Green Map

Energy, water and transport are digitizing fast. See the big picture: discover six markets that make up the emerging cleanweb sector. Do you understand: the Business models · Environmental benefits · Latest digital trends · Unicorn successes?

Investors · Accelerators

Understand the smart green sector so you can: innovate with the latest digital trends; gauge the growth potential and sustainability impact of startups; and find what's missing from your portfolio and prospects.

Startups · Utilities · Cleantech

Understand the smart green sector so you can: show why your solution is investable and sustainable; adapt and profit from the digitization of your industry; and know who your customers, partners and competitors are.

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The Smart Green Map
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Based on an analysis of over 500 smart green companies

The Smart Green Map was developed from a qualitative analysis of CrunchBase data during doctoral research at the University of Southampton. This ICT4S paper describes an early version of the underlying model.

Mapping the UK Smart Green Economy

An example of mapping out an investment portfolio or market landscape with the Smart Green Map

Jack Townsend

Jack is a digital consultant, researcher and product manager. He leads Cleanweb UK, the largest regular event for smart green startups outside of California, bringing together entrepreneurs, developers, designers, investors, environmentalists and the resource industries. Jack is on the programme committee of the main academic conference on smart green tech: ICT for Sustainability. He coordinates Open Sustainability, the working group of Open Knowledge on open data for the environment, and is a non-executive director of the Open Food Network UK. Jack led digital transformation within the energy and finance industries for seven years before undertaking an MSc and PhD in web science at the University of Southampton. His digital innovations have received several international awards, and he holds a BA and MSc in Physics from the University of Cambridge.

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